Scandinavian-style kitchen furnishing guide

Scandinavian Style Kitchens

Scandinavian-style kitchens have earned their popularity for a reason. Savings, in this matter, can lead to the need to quickly replace furniture, appliances and finishes. The kitchen is the room where most people spend a lot of time. Cooking, family gatherings, sitting with friends – all this requires quality execution.

Scandinavian style will fully justify itself in all aspects. Cooking will turn into a real fairy tale due to the convenience, functionality and ergonomics. The kitchen will be able to accommodate a large number of people, because there will be a lot of free space.

Also it is impossible not to mention some of the advantages:

  • Good light visually increases the area, there is no effect of “stiffness” and “suffocation” from the limited space;
  • The Scandinavian style is firmly in fashion, is not going to leave it the next decade;
  • A trivial change of decor will refresh and renew the interior.

How to design a kitchen in the Scandinavian style?

It is not enough just to choose light furniture or paint the walls in pastel colors. Creating the right atmosphere – a delicate work that requires attention and endurance. There are basic principles on which the Scandinavian style in the kitchen interior is based:

  • Minimalism. Furniture, appliances and decor should not be a lot. Cluttering of dishes is also superfluous. After decorating the room should evoke a sense of space and freedom.
  • Lighting. One of the key elements. In the northern countries the weather is mostly gloomy, so the houses are well lit. Here there is room for imagination, because you can combine chandeliers, lamps and other things.
  • Contrast of colors. The ideal option is to highlight one wall or the selection of authentic decor. Shades should not mottle, this will ruin the whole atmosphere.
  • Naturality. No plastic or imitation materials. The floor is wooden, the table top is made of stone, as a decor – fresh flowers.
  • Functionality. No excesses are unacceptable. Everything in the kitchen must fulfill a practical or aesthetic role.

Choosing furniture for a Scandinavian kitchen

First comes the finishing, after that – the choice of furniture and appliances. Buy a kitchen in the Scandinavian style should follow a simple rule – nothing unnecessary. Spacious cabinets, built-in appliances, smooth fronts of one shade – all this refers to the basic principles. The dominant colors are white and silver. Sometimes pastel tones are added. The basic solution is a white kitchen set, made of wood. As a contrast, a dark countertop is chosen. The dining area does not need to make pompous. It is enough to install a square table and choose comfortable chairs. If the impression of simplicity is created, you can shade the furniture with a metal set, without using gilding.

Organizing the working area

This concept refers to the basic triangle – countertop, appliances and apron. Convenience when moving and cooking depends on the correct placement. Let’s consider each element of the working area separately:

  • Appliances. Surfaces are metal or white. All appliances are selected in a single tone.
  • Apron. Here it is possible to fantasize a lot, but it is necessary to take into account not only aesthetics, but also practicality. For example, an imitation brickwork well absorbs grease, and washing it is a real pain. In mosaics, because of the abundance of seams, dirt accumulates. It is better to use glass or tile, care for them will not be difficult.
  • Countertop. Here it is necessary to proceed from the budget and own preferences, as the variety of materials forces to be confused when choosing. The best option is considered a tabletop of solid wood. Natural wood fits perfectly into the interior, making the room cozy. For connoisseurs of contrast, a black stone countertop will do.
  • Let the design of the kitchen in the Scandinavian style is based on the principle of minimalism, there are no barriers to improvisation and experimentation, as long as the color scheme holds out. You can consider ready-made design options or work out your own idea, having consulted with experts.

Setting up the dining area

Here everything is laconic and simple. The table made of whitened oak is considered a classic option, but you can consider lighter designs. If you want to save kitchen space, do not buy bulky furniture. An excellent alternative is a compact breakfast table, but made of natural materials. This will allow you to maintain the style and rationally dispose of available space. In addition to the table go chairs, which are a point of pride. The best solution is designer options. These chairs will be a pleasure to sit on, and the guests will come to indescribable delight.

The kitchen and living room are one and the same

Kitchen-living room in the Scandinavian style – an unusual solution, especially in a private home. This way you can not just use the space rationally, but also make it dynamic, fill it with life and flavors of home cooking. In such a layout, a consistent and uniform color scheme is important. Contrast creates a sense of isolation of the rooms from each other, and in the scenario they should be a single whole. The use of different shades of the same color is allowed, but no abrupt transitions. A similar situation with furniture and decor. For example, the covers on the chairs duplicate the tone of the walls, and the dishes are chosen in accordance with the design of the tabletop in the kitchen.

110% practicality or perfect layout

Of all the varieties of kitchen design in the Scandinavian style, the most practical is considered a corner layout. Such options are popular in the past few years.

Corner arrangement of furniture allows the advantageous use of the central space. The layout is suitable for people who prefer free movement around the room, not clinging to the furniture.

What is the difference between the arrangement of the kitchen in an apartment and a country house?

A trip out of town, in most cases, has only one purpose – rest. We want to sit with family or friends at a cozy table and indulge in cooking. And to be in a room decorated in the Scandinavian style is twice as pleasant.

The only difference is the size of the room. Kitchens in suburban homes are large, which is a plus. There is space for the implementation of bold ideas. For example, you can borrow some elements from other styles, thus diluting the minimalism.

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