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The new K-Lab kitchen model, planned by Ernestomeda and brought about by Giuseppe Bavuso, is verbalized in arrangements with a solid esthetic effect and simultaneously of sober tastefulness, embracing a casual complex language. Portrayed by an arrangement of open components with a metal construction, it draws motivation from the enormous workbenches of modern conditions. The skillful variation of full and void volumes answers utilitarian necessities and gives dynamism to the whole undertaking. K-Lab is a kitchen with an imaginative plan, wherein custom amicably coincides with trial and error and ‘faction’ components are blended in with contemporary lines, mechanical materials and unique arrangements of purpose. The outcome is a kitchen project with a refined style yet with a specialized soul, equipped for answering each pragmatic need, without forfeiting the esthetic part. Among the new wraps up in K-Lab, Metallix was created by Ernestomeda to variety metal surfaces like aluminum, steel and zamak. Metallix works on the esthetic effect of the item, making the variety steady and replicable after some time and ensuring the surfaces greatest congruity and esthetic amicability. Three new variations created by Ernestomeda: Platinum, Graphite and Onyx, middle variety degrees made impromptu, with a solid esthetic and utilitarian effect. The scope of polishes currently sees the consideration of ErnestomedaZero Gloss™, a select veneer with elite execution attributes began from a precise course of examination and laboratory tests, which stands apart for its high mistiness, outrageous non-abrasiveness to the touch and specific protection from scratching. News likewise in the wood variations, which are additionally improved by the facade Rovere Nordic, Rovere Nero open pore and the new adaptation Rovere Termotrattato, introducing the Zero Gloss finish for every one of the three sorts recorded. New sections likewise in the scope of Stone+, marbles, rocks and stones, among which stand apart the Stone+ Cervino Tarmac in hedge pounded finish, the Sky Gray Marble in semi-sparkle finish and the Calacatta Marble gold in matt cleaned finish.

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