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LED office metal pendant lamp

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About Inform Sq P

Pure minimalism Inform SQ breaths refinement in all its aspects.‎ Its slender dimensions of 28 by 28mm weld in seamlessly in any architecture.‎ By letting the power run over the suspension cables, there is no need for additional supply cables, emphasizing the minimalistic looks of the profile.‎ The subtle details empower its sublime design: the recessed endcaps with integrated logo, the multiple colour combinations, the design of the powerbox in line with the profile design, all of them adding to the pure minimalism where Inform SQ stands for.‎ High performer Despite its minimalistic design, Inform SQ does not compromise on performance.‎ With a delivered lumen package downwards of up to 3045lm per meter, Inform SQ is perfect for illuminating task areas like office desks or reception counters.‎ Within the same dimensions one can also opt for a down-up version of Inform SQ, enhancing the sense of space and creating a uniform glow on both vertical as horizontal surfaces, which leads to a reduced contrast and relaxes the eye.‎ Human in the center The human aspect is the central topic for Inform SQ.‎ It offers state of the art LEDs that help control the human circadian rhythm via a unique spectrum meant to stimulate activity.‎ The high quality LEDs provide a very natural white colour with a higher amount of energy in the cyan region, helping you to be active during the day and encourage sleep at night.‎ Inform SQ P is available in 24 different variants for dimensions and technical characteristics.‎ The Inform family is an extensive range of linear and curved lighting solutions, designed to be used in applications that include task areas, like landscape offices, meeting rooms, reception desks, home office,… Areas which need technical architectural lighting at its best: eye for design, eye for the user and eye for performance.‎ The base of this family is a combination of Delta Light’s Melanopic Light Technology (MLT) with high efficient louvre optics.‎ Different from the f

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