Hole In One

LED adjustable spotlight

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About Hole In One

The name of this product says it all.‎ The Hole In One is available in both rectangular and circular shape, making you see a hole in the ceiling and nothing else.‎ That is as long as you don’t stand underneath this lighting fixture.‎ This fitting offers enough space for different modules being able to point at different directions, all from within the same hole in your ceiling, making it very discreet.‎ Light and space are inextricably Linked with one another, something that the Hole In One plays on so ingeniously.‎ Intended in the first place to be functional lighting, this contemporary design pokes a little fun at its surroundings at the same time.‎ The black background in the fitting creates the illusion of an unfathomable unendingness around the light source.‎ The magnetic mounting of the modules makes it easy to quickly adapt the lighting to a new setting.‎ Characteristics Location INTERIOR Fixation Ceiling Recessed Class III IP20

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