Apelle P

Sled base tanned leather chair with armrests

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About Apelle P

At the point when the line among home and office turns out to be dainty, emerges the need to enhance the life/work rooms with shrewd plan item, consolidating usefulness and comfort.‎ Apelle victories present day workplaces, sitting areas and restaurants giving a hint of style and merriment that everybody is looking for.‎ An assortment from delicate accepting line that can embelish the accommodation regions, local area and homegrown fields, in select areas both work of art and modern.‎ Apelle is delivered with high opposition and quality steel and leather: tried materials, ready to guarantee the important flexiblity, while meeting the prerequisites of robustness.‎ Apelle’s assortment comprise of chair, armchair, relax chair, rocker, coffe table and stool.‎

Dimensions: 59 x 54 x 80 cm , SH 46 cm , 9 kg

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