The 10 best leather sofas

Sit back and relax on one of the finest leather sofas

Leather sofas have an attractive appearance, clean well, wear-resistant, have a longer service life, always look expensive in the interior.
On the market there is a very large selection of leather sofas and sometimes pick on a really good and different to all your needs sofa is quite difficult. Italian manufacturers are setting fashion trends, coming up with each time more and more interesting and attractive models.
Before we move on to an individual evaluation of each sofa, I would like to first clarify the most important question, And what makes the Italian leather sofa different from all other manufacturers of leather sofas?
Design?! Yes it is, but there is another important point, namely the leather from which made sofa. As we know, Italy is famous for the production of leather. To buy it. manufacturers come from all over the world, participating in auctions. Leather is not only only as smooth as we usually imagine it to be, the market is rich both in traditional The market is rich in both traditional leathers and new solutions.
– Thick 2-3mm.
– Nappa is a thin semi-aniline leather. Thanks to a special technology, the leather It becomes softer and smoother, which does not reduce its durability.
– Aniline, one of the most expensive types of leather because of the selection of exclusive skins. With this type of dressing, the pores of this skin is not painted and it breathes, while at the same time it looks very natural.
– Nubuck is an expensive type of leather in which it is sanded, resulting in and then it gets a very snaggy surface.
– Vintage, etc.
Now let’s move on to our recommendations, but before that we will tell you by what Criteria we chose the best leather sofas
The first thing to start the choice – it is, of course, the budget, then it is necessary to understand what by Comfort, softness should be a sofa.
– Filling Want to sit “as on a cloud,” or vice versa prefer a bouncy forms. Shapes and softness create with the help of fillers. This goose down or feather, polyurethane foam, which can be separate layers or fine stuffing in the form of lumps of different shapes, foam memory form. Each each manufacturer has its own secrets.
– The basis of the sofa, the skeleton of which it is composed and thanks to which it serves for many years. The frame can be metal, which is equal to the immortality of sofa and wood. more often pine and spruce are used, sometimes poplar. The entire frame is connected rigid straps and zigzag metallic springs, which allows you to maximize the service life.
– Design is an indispensable accompaniment to any Italian creation. Of course Consider the finishes, a huge number of leathers in different finishes and colors, here is a paradise for creating an accent in the interior. And, as the final stage, but not and not unimportant, it is worth noting mechanisms and additions to the sofa. This can be both elements with recliners, in which it is convenient to relax to watch a movie, with Feel as if you’re in a movie theater. Or an adjustable backrest that can be can be adjusted individually for each person. There are also poufs, side tables, and many other things the Italian designers have thought of for you.
And so here we go. In this article, we have selected for you 10 models of sofas bestsellers of 2022. Among which everyone will find what they need.

Herman Sofa, Natuzzi Italia


from $17,558.00
What we likeDense soft shape More than 50 colors of leather 10 kinds of modules Metal outer frame
What we don`t likeGoose feather
Budapest Sofa, Baxter


from $20,236.00
What we likeMore than 100 color options More than 50 leather finishes Vintage leather options Poufs in the collection Additional cushions Two variations on this model 20 kinds of modules Deep seating
What we don`t likeCost
Cadorna Sofa, Nicoline


from $6,603.00
What we like10 vintage leather and nubuck options More than 30 color options Marble side tables Over 20 module options Optional pillow head cushions Modules with beveled corners Removable covers
What we don`t likeVery soft
Zara Deep Sofa, Nicoline

Zara Deep

from $3,711.00
What we like10 vintage leather and nubuck options More than 30 color options Marble side tables More than 10 module options Modules with beveled corners. Combination of colors and materials
What we don`t likeCovers are not removable
Camaleonda Sofa, B&B Italia
- 23%


from $12,300.00
What we likeMore than 50 combination options Geometric tables (optional) 7 leather finishes 80 leather colors
What we don`t likeCost
Tufty Time '15 Sofa, B&B Italia

Tufty Time ’15

from $9,070.00
What we likeMore than 50 combination options Removable covers 7 types of leather trimmings 80 leather colors