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Signorini Coco | Classic furniture
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About Signorini Coco

The history of the Italian furniture factory Signorini Coco began in 1973 with a small manual production. The company's philosophy is based on a passion for true beauty – a value that stands the test of time. The timeless and absolute aesthetics of antiques inspire the creation of real masterpieces of baroque, rococo and classic designers. The excellence of the classic Signorini & Coco style is reflected in the collections of Certosa, Forever, Carlotta, Romantica, Portofino, Medicea, Bellagio, Monreale, Partenope, Principessa and can be traced in traditional hand-crafted finishes with exquisite wood carvings, paintings, inlaid, gilding and stucco molding. At Signorini Coco production, centuries-old traditions and innovative technologies harmoniously coexist, which allows you to create a win-win luxury furniture. All accessories of the factory are marked with a special signature, which confirms the impeccable quality and unique design of furniture for the living room, bedroom and cabinets.

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