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Unfortunately, we have not yet published products for this brand. But you can take a look at the catalogs.

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About Prandina

Prandina is an Italian company that produces exclusive fixtures for the home and office. Each product of this Italian brand is distinguished by its unusual appearance, strict lines and durability. We can say about Prandina lamps that they are timeless and suitable for any interior. They are able to shift emphasis or even transform space. Thanks to the creative approach of experienced designers, this brand quickly became popular throughout Italy, and a few years later throughout Europe. All products are made exclusively from high quality materials of increased strength. Products are decorated with gilding, steel, fabric, precious stones, shells and even metal carvings. Exclusive models will delight you with their creative forms and bright colors. Our dealership offers to buy Prandina lamps in Minsk. The catalog presents a wide selection of wall and ceiling lights, floor lamps, overhead systems. They will create comfortable working conditions in the evening, taking care of the health of your eyes. Prandina's designer luminaires will help to “enhance” the atmosphere of the room and emphasize its character, while at the same time fulfilling its main task of lighting the space.

Prandina showrooms

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