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About Koinor

Koinor the German producer of furniture. The main focus of the factory is the manufacture of sofas, armchairs and soft benches for the kitchen. The history of the brand began in 1953, and was founded by Horst Muller. He started with a small business that was based at his home. Just a few years later, the whole of Germany knew about the master when he won the prestigious award at one of the international exhibitions. After that, Müller expanded production, but placed special emphasis on soft chairs and sofas. He began to collaborate with leading designers, so the whole world started talking about the brand. Today, Koinor furniture adorns the best hotels, restaurants, residences and even museums in London, New York, Paris, Madrid. Each product is characterized by increased comfort, smooth lines and luxurious shapes. Only the best materials are used as raw materials: valuable woods, stainless steel, glass, genuine leather, rhinestones, fabrics with original textures and excellent design patterns. As a filler, the masters use fluff, goose feather and PPU. Our dealership offers to buy Koinor furniture in Minsk at the best prices. Our wide assortment is represented by a huge selection of sofas, poufs, couches, banquets, chairs, kitchen soft benches, which is a completely new direction in the manufacture of furniture. Thanks to its unusual appearance, Koinor products will become the main decoration of any interior.

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