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About Fiam

The Italian factory Fiam since 1973 gives the world genuine masterpieces made of glass. The concept of the factory is truly incredible: from fragile, but such elegant material as glass, tables, chairs, shelving, mirrors, armchairs and much more are created. The company is the world's first manufacturer of curved glass interior elements. Technologically, the process of creating unique glass works of art is complex and time-consuming, but the combination of innovative technical means, as well as painstaking handwork, makes the world unique furniture models. For the factory, the most famous designers work, from year to year creating objects that make a splash in the world of interior fashion. Their creations are still shrouded in mystery of creation, since no one knows for certain the secret of turning fragile glass into the most durable of the materials used. Therefore, no one was able to repeat and surpass Fiam. The brand has rapidly taken a leading position in the global furniture market. Fiam brand video review.

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