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The Italian factory Ernestomeda began in 1996 with a simple but dynamic idea – to create “something special and innovative.” Even today, the range of the brand includes many collections of kitchens, and the incredible size of production allows us to carry out all stages of the production chain: from design, to the manufacture of the smallest details. Designers of the brand design the kitchen, taking into account all the indicators of your premises. They carefully calculate every detail so that the furniture harmoniously complements any interior. The brand’s products are of high quality due to the careful selection of materials and their innovative and meticulous processing. Factory masters can use the simplest material so that at first glance it is impossible to guess what kind of miracle it is. All models of the brand have high functionality, which is displayed in numerous niches, drawers and mechanisms. Factory designers create unique kitchens that have no analogues.

Ernestomeda showrooms

Unfortunately, there are no showrooms where products of this brand are exhibited.