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Unfortunately, we have not yet published products for this brand. But you can take a look at the catalogs.

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About ALF Valdesign

ALF Valdesign is a brand of the Italian group of companies ALF. The association offers a range of furniture for different functional areas. Valdesign kitchens are represented by the lines: Logica LO, Logica L40, Logica L90, Soho, Maggiorana, Forty / 5, Reef. The fundamental difference between Logica models is in the way they integrate pens. In Logica LO they are overhead, in Logica L40 and Logica L90 – they have an angle of 40 ° and 90 °. Compositional possibilities of kitchens: a double line option with shelves, U-shaped and L-shaped layout with a table or an island. For a better organization of the kitchen space, full-access opening systems, retractable leaves and sliding surfaces (Soho model) are offered. In the stylistic design, the contrast of materials and colors is widely used. Facade options – painted with a metallic effect, laminated by Unicolor, coated with Fashion wood veneer, with a cement texture. Valdesign models in Minsk are suitable for apartments with a combined kitchen and living room. In addition to the My Space storage system, we recommend buying the Valdesign Logica L90 kitchen.

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