Alberta Accenti and Motiv

Following the new image, the company released the Alberta Motivi and Alberta Accenti collections.

Harvey (manual and electric) | Alberta Salotti

Harvey (manual and electric)

Harvey embodies an original design concept for a lifestyle that transcends clichés, even in the field of ergonomics. The backrests are in fact equipped with a mechanism that can be controlled by a simple movement of the hand or by touching the remote control, for individual comfort down to the last millimeter. The depth of the seat also allows it to be used as a sun lounger. Cord seams around the perimeter give the product a sophisticated look.

Fernando | Alberta Salotti


Fernando has a versatile and multifaceted spirit: the mechanisms inside the backrest and armrest allow it to take on endless forms, welcoming the body like a hug. Its dimensions adapt to any space without giving up a strong personality thanks to the oversized cushions. Cylindrical legs add a pleasant element of lightness.

Nikole | Alberta Salotti


Nikole is the result of inspiration and represents a traditional shape with an elegant modern character. Its remarkable size makes it ideal for wide spaces where it expresses its main character. The metal and its various finishes add a touch of elegance, creating a harmonious contrast.

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